MOBIGAS Technology


The organic waste treatment technology consists of 1 control module, up to 10 process modules and bio filter equipment and was established to treat organic waste amounts of 1.000-3.500t per year. All modules are designed as a container system to increase modularity and transportability, which allows regional treatment of organic waste and the possibility of active reaction to changing waste quantities (e.g. the tested prototype consisted of 1 control module, 3 process modules and 1 bio filter module). The modules are manufactured in compliance to be transported with normal trucks. In addition the process modules are connected to the control module with an exhaust air line and a control cable via Plug&Play, which are the only fix installed components of the technology on site.

Control module

The control module, equipped with visualisation and remote control is mainly responsible for monitoring the process flow of the individual process modules and provides information about the operating condition of the system. It is divided into two areas, an engineering room and biogas storage. The engineering room contains:

  • Control cabinet with visualised remote control
  • Exhaust air and gas distribution valves and pipes with technical equipment
  • Gas measurement equipment
  •  Power generation

Process module

The organic waste material is processed in the process modules, which contain all basic system elements for processing: percolate storage and pumps, blower, ventilation pipes and floor heating system. The process modules, equipped with heat insulation clad with metal plating, possess a fill capacity of 27m³/module. The process modules are designed to treat all kinds of organic waste.